CSKA - Spartak. Steel and the philosopher's stone

CSKA - Spartak. Steel and the philosopher's stoneNow three rounds Oleg Romantsev, like the alchemist, trying to transmute base metals into silver or gold. Head coach of "Spartak" and blends in different proportions caught by hand components, and conditions change, but to find the philosopher's stone yet.Although the latter experiment has yielded encouraging results. In the game against Spartak CSKA appeared nuggets of precious substances, and gave fans club hope - and suddenly!.. The same reasons that a well-chosen composition, right tactics and a terrific attitude, in which two opening games red-white does not Shine.It would seem, where, and so on viscous-lawn Dynamo arena powerful opponents CSKA, roughly speaking, trample. But no - the advantage at first (not Intrusive, on-business) took over Spartak and has achieved this through better mobility, aspirations even in the plowed field to play fluid football, and more importantly, the presence of thoughts in each maneuver. Much of invention and approached the optimum form Titov was driven by partners like the real puppeteer prudent gave out passes, opened sharply, threatening someone else's goal and saved their own, worked, in a word, hard.And this despite the fact that the conditions for creativity in the midfield was completely absent: both teams have been focusing on strategically important site the best forces. But if the command is Gazzaev similar arrangement characteristic (it is traditionally and successfully decide the fate of matches with strong Central knuckle), Romantsev, I think, consciously helped a colleague to create the effect of market square. And they were not mistaken.It Razvitiye, technical, and therefore he is able to play short-circuited, Khava felt in the commotion like a fish in water. You will not tell about inertial plus strained working with the ball to the Midfielders CSKA: to set speed, heavy liner, runway required. Shackled maneuver the army and compact arrangement Spartak links. The gaps between those was practically absent, creating additional congestion and led to endless joints, errors in transmission.Risked whether Spartak, throwing the glove main striking force of the enemy? Beyond doubt. But with the selection of artists for the middle line of its leader got to the point, and the physical condition of Midfielders evaluated correctly: Baranova, Smirnova, Pavlenko for the match enough. And Vashchuk, played by Danny, looked decent against the leader of the army. Optimal composition appeared and the defense of red and white. Faulty, but diligently played the role of Libero moisГs. And Luizao, although it was wrong more permitted, on the whole played well.Valery Gazzaev, as you know, alchemy is of little interest. By nature he is pragmatic steelworker, and therefore prefers solid alloys, which persists in trying to pave the way to the coveted gold. His team's play primitive as the blow of a hammer on an anvil. But equally effective, as exhausting opponents, forcing them to eventually throw in the towel. Here and in the Sunday match CSKA not changed: he fought, pressed. However, it is too uncomplicated. Transfer Jarosik, right, Laizans, Guseva, Kusov easy to read the Spartacists and the majority did not reach advanced to the edge of Popov.Well, CSKA defenders of the address passes, I could say, they refused. Berezutsky brothers plus otrajeny their safety net Shershun one more touch on the ball chose not to do it - shipped intruder higher-away should not have to. Yes and positional errors trio too often sinned, that once again confirms the defense of the army team is the weakest link that does not meet the requirements of applying for the role of team leader.However, in the process of "daimonia" rival it is his merit. From endless Nabal "Spartak" in the end thoroughly tired, and Jarosik, who was most of the match in the shade (of the devastating Cech missing), did what he can do great and powerfully without preparation struck with his left foot.In the end, another "melting" Gazzaev managed. But red and experiments brought the first fruits: "Spartacus", so to speak, wound up. And that's something.Yuri IVANOV.

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