The leadership of Bavaria waxing wroth about the statements of the German football League

The leadership of Bavaria waxing wroth about the statements of the German football LeagueNot before the ink was dry on the agreement between Bayern Munich and the German football League (DFL), according to which the most titled club of Germany is obliged to transfer DFL three million euros in compensation for his secret agreement with mediacontrol "Kirch-Gruppe" as the infamous scandal began to gain new momentum. Recall that due to the exclusive contract Bayern with the media giant, the Treasury of the Munich club was supplemented by an additional € 21 million. The official statement of the DFL, released last week, contained a rebuke to the leadership of JSC "Bayern Munich", "withheld contract from the sports community of the country and thus violated the principles of fair play". The reaction from Munich on the allegations of the violation of moral norms is not long to wait. "We don't want to deal with this football League, as outraged to the depths this arrogant statement," he said in an interview with the German sports channel DSF Chairman of the Board of JSC "Bayern Munich's Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, threatened to withdraw all members of teams in the structures of the DFL. The former captain of Bayern echoed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the joint stock company team Franz Beckenbauer. "It's hard to imagine a more stupid wording than it did in the DFL," said Kaiser Franz. Meanwhile, the leadership of the League believes that the consent to transfer a certain amount to the account of the football organization and is an indirect admission of guilt. However, the opposite side adheres to a completely different point of view. "We listed three million euros voluntarily - recalls Rummenigge, and we do not understand why they hadn't sent the whole amount to the charitable organization. I think it's time to deal with this League. I don't know of any professional club of Germany, who would have been satisfied with their work". Recall that in the statement DFL press it was reported that 2.5 million of this amount will be transferred to the Treasury of the organization, and 500 000 is donated to needy children of Iraq..

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