Luis Figo: Modern football does not tolerate the slightest relaxation

Luis Figo: Modern football does not tolerate the slightest relaxationWithout hesitation and without doubt we can say that the number ten real Madrid the Portuguese Luis Figo not a very large time became a symbol of their club. With regard to former club Figo Barcelona, there is, understandably, an attitude diametrically opposed to it. The ratio of the Catalan "INADI" in the first leg of the Liga at camp Nou was, to put it mildly, far-less-than-lovely. As you know, this meeting was even suspended for some time because of the turmoil from the fans who continually threw aside his former idol various objects, expressing thus his boundless hatred and resentment. It is not surprising that in the upcoming regular duel of these great clubs, which this time will take place at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Figo attracts special attention.In anticipation of this "superclasico" Spanish newspaper "Mark" interviewed Fig. The Portuguese made it clear that his loyalty to the spirit of "madridismo" is growing every day. And the main thing is that it seems that this growth will never end. In General, we can safely say that Figo feels great in the "Royal club" and has no desire to hide it. - When You joined the "real", You stated that you do it because you want to acquire a reputation in the football world. Do You think You managed to buy him? Beyond doubt, Yes. Real Madrid is the club that enjoys the greatest prestige in the world. The greatness of this club is huge, and it's all thanks conquered titles. Year after year he proves that he is worthy of such an honor. My stay in Madrid was very fruitful for himself. For the three years during which I play for real Madrid, I had won many titles. I think the best wish for hardly impossible.- This season, You have already won two titles. Do You think it possible to win the remaining two titles?- Of course. At the moment we are at a very crucial moment, and we have all the chances to achieve success. By the end of the championship of Spain we will be the main favorite, and every other team will be forced to reckon with us. For it is true that none of the teams has more possibilities to win the title than ours, isn't it?- This week will be the match between real Madrid and Barcelona. And in this regard it is impossible not to ask the question - in Your opinion, it will be a special match? This is a Derby, and for this reason we can call it unusual. Your past can be remembered, but no more. Now I am in "Real life" and so I fully concentrated on this team. Of course, remember the past, but, I repeat, nothing more. The past doesn't haunt me. Maybe my past for other matters, but not for me. Some continue to talk about me later, three years after I left Barcelona. I can say that I am the only player I remember after three years.- You remember what happened during the last match at camp Nou?- Yes, but I don't think about it all the time. It already belongs to the past.- You realize that if you win your team FC Barcelona will find themselves in a very unenviable position? In case of loss "Bars" can come close to the relegation zone.- It depends on the skill and class of players, it is hard to imagine Barcelona in the second division. However, the current standing of this team is not so important. I don't think Barcelona will find themselves in such a predicament.- You like what you play against Barcelona, and then with "Manchester United"?- Of course, Yes. However, as they say, is not necessary.- Wouldn't it be strange to see Figo at camp Nou in the semifinal match of the Champions League?- Such a possibility is very high. It would be a beautiful match, isn't it?- There is no doubt that in the Saturday match corner of your team will serve You. If your team have to go to camp Nou, and You will be there to punch a corner? - Of course. If the relevant coach, I, no doubt, will do so.- The team players, of course, realize that means for fans of the "real" victory of their favorite team against Barcelona.- Of course, we want to bring joy to our fans, having won a victory in this match. Victory over Barcelona would be of great importance to us in the light of the fight for the title.- Think you have the strength to compete for the Champions League and for the title?- Of course. It all depends on our physical condition, because we have enough class to win on any field. The only thing that might prevent this, so it's very busy schedule of matches.- What can You say about the rumors that have appeared recently about a possible transition Beckham to real Madrid and in accordance with this leaving Your "real"?- I can say that I feel very good in the "Real world". Most importantly, I feel the love. So I have no reason to move to another club. As for the rumors, they are always full, especially during this period.- Without naming any specific names, can You tell, would You for the "real" today, any player star scale, of course, if You would have a similar opportunity.- If it improved the team's performance, then why not. Our President on this subject is such a point of view.- Some say that You are in optimal shape. I don't know, this proposition is true or not, but one thing is clear - "current" Figo is significantly different from the one that first started playing in Spain.- It is logical. I went through the whole evolution. My game has changed. Now I have more experience, I became more Mature. I started in football, playing as a Central midfielder. However, I was compelled from time to time to change their positions on the field, to adapt to the necessary conditions. Because these are the realities of modern football - either you adapt or don't play at all.- It is a privilege for any player to play alongside players like Zidane, Raul...?- Early in his career, I played around with high-class players. I can say that this fact helps in your development as a player.

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