Dynamo once again well done

Dynamo once again well doneOn the East street kicked off the third round of the championship of Russia. Torpedo-metallurg" took countrymen Dynamo. Both teams at the start of the championship show is quite average football on "spring". Both promote physical model of the game, and players who like to combine, do not get along or because of weather conditions, whether because of a lack of class. The main pre-match surprise is the lack of Swedish striker, FC torpedo-metallurg" of the Jonas Wallerstedt even in the list of substitutes. It turns out that the player is healthy, but just managed to lose shape and was exiled to take. The first half of the game was released boring, unprincipled, with many of the marriage. However, already at the beginning of the match to the torpedo defense suddenly failed. On the right flank Dynamo attacks defender joined the tanasijevic, quietly otputovali in the penalty area to the uncovered Alberto. The Brazilian seemed likely substituted leg, but the ball went away from the gate. A few minutes later, the blue and white has earned the right to break free kick from 27 metres-and the right of the gate. It turned out that no ideas the team of Viktor Prokopenko in terms of the standards are not prepared. Tochilin broke into novosadova. Closer to the middle of the half came the threats and goal of Berezovsky. Leonov shot from the right edge of the penalty area in the 11-meter mark and Monari't hit the ball. When the Dynamo got the right to execute the second penalty, again on the right, the ball went already Batak. Blow the Yugoslavs were twisted and biting, so Novosadov hit the ball in front of him, and only Khlestov prevented Bulykin to kick the ball into the net. The case ended with a corner kick. Before the break, the "Dynamo" was another good point for a goal, when ДЌesnauskis hung on the flank and Bulykin, prepregnancy of Rizvia, his head sent the ball just over the bar. During the break Prokopenko made a double substitution. Instead of Alberto came another striker Demkin, and the destroyer of the middle line of Vukomanovic replaced the Creator baltiyev. Immediately struck by the fact that the players of both clubs have added considerably to the movement. I am Monari, the progress of which count for the second year. Ukrainian gracefully and almost single-handedly won in the penalty area of Batak, which, in turn, in the first matches, looks like one of the best defensive players in the League. However, the episode ended in a stalemate. As usual, at the decisive moment of the Batak insure Ganek. Dynamo responded with a cool attack. The baltiyev handled the ball in midfield, passed Tochilin, that, after a few meters, returned the projectile midfielder of the national team of Kazakhstan and the baltiyev immediately made the transfer penalty, which broke Demkin, after all without exception torpedolike defenders. Demkin hit with a reversal, but Novosadov parried the ball. After that, the Dynamo took the initiative and Demkin decided to strike from the left edge of the penalty, Novosadov could not catch the ball, releasing it from his hands and was first on the rebound was ДЌesnauskis. 1:0. Then Grishin, circling in the center of the two players, the owners, struck with unusual right leg, but at the goalkeeper. Blue and white continued to monitor the overall progress of the game, however, markedly fear of counterattacks to the torpedo. But the team of Sergey Aleynikov worthy of a response has not demonstrated, and at the end of the match, the Dynamo were able to increase their lead. Grishin shot to the left and Bulykin with tight custody protector of the home, double-wide of goal from ten yards - the first was in novosadova, and the second into the net from the outside. Thus, the Dynamo scored his third victory in three games, and torpedo-metallurg" after three rounds can not score. ДЊesnauskis, 67 Warning: Khlestov, 23, Gorovoy, 45, Cossacks, 53, rizvic, 81 - Alberto, 36, 5 April. Moscow. The torpedo stadium. Eduard Streltsov Novosadov, Khlestov (Smirnov, 35), Kovalev, Rizvic, Leonov, Cossacks, Gorovoy (Rekhviashvili, 58), Shoustikov, Katic (Lachin, 74), Monari, Ohanyan Berezovsky, Kovalenko, Tochilin, Ganek, Batak, Tanasijevic, Vukomanovic, ДЊesnauskis, Grishin, Bulykin, Alberto Judge: Martynov (Moscow).

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