Milan - Empoli: match report

Milan - Empoli: match reportUniversal truth: even defeating the giants, but losing the outsiders, nothing is impossible to achieve. This was the last chance to participate in the race for the scudetto. But after a great game in Milan Derby at home against an obvious outsider Empoli, Rossoneri expected failure. For this match Milan came out, having obvious problems with the composition: Rui Costa, Paolo Maldini, Kakha Kaladze, Fernando Redondo, Andrea Pirlo and the Light Seedorf not appeared in the starting lineup because of injuries, and Gennaro Gattuso and Dario šimić missed the match due to yellow cards. Furthermore Carlo Ancelotti decided to bench Andriy Shevchenko, who was supposed to rest before the match against Ajax. The space behind the striker in this match took Rivaldo and the duet in the attack amounted Tomasson and Inzaghi. The first dangerous moment for 7 minutes had Filippo Inzaghi. But then, as a bucket of cold water was Rossoneri goal di Natalie. Tomaso rocky brought Empoli striker on a date with goaltender Diday and he didn't leave him any chance. It should be noted that at this point explicit positional error made Laursen, who in this episode is clearly excluded. It would seem that early goal was not embarrassed Rossoneri, and they, as if nothing had happened, continued the siege of the gate Empoli, but excessive haste in zaklyuchitelnyj moments often thwarted all their efforts. The game was played mostly on the side of the field Empoli, but guests are not effaced, and even a few times were ready for a strong counter attacks. A great opportunity to level the score in the 35th minute miss Thomasson, after losing the ball Empoli goalkeeper, but the Dane was unable to send the ball into the empty net gate already.Just before the break again Bertie great reacted to the impact Tomasson and re-kick Serginho fell over the crossbar. In the second half, the game has not changed. The siege of Voort Empoli prinimaet protracted. In the 52nd minute of the match after the passage Serginho Inzaghi sighting in the high jump for a header. Again Bertie. After 2 minutes Empoli goalkeeper, who truly was the best on the field, comes out the winner in the duel with Tomasson.There was another velikolepnyi a chance in the 60th minute of the match, when Milan won the right to a free kick, as Bertie took the ball in his hands after a pass defender back, but the blow of Rivaldo beats Bertie, and then the defender Stefano Lucchini brings the ball over the goal line. Subsequent corner ended with a Bang Nesta head above the gate.Controversial moment was in that situation, when the defender features Pratali seemed to be pushed Inzaghi in the penalty, but the judge showed what to play next. Then after the second yellow card, the referee removes Pratali from the field, the guests remain in the minority.Trying at all costs to save the match, Carlo Ancelotti has a third striker Andrew Shevchenko, which replaced Massimo Ambrosini. And again Bertie. Empoli goalkeeper made a fantastic save after the strongest shot of Lauren, and then Pippo was not able to finish the ball from close range. Yes football God on this day was clearly not in the form of the Rossoneri. It finally became clear for 5 minutes before the end of the match, when Bertie seemingly reflects nebulosity middle kick Rivaldo and Empoli leaving San Siro with a winner. As for Milan, the Rossoneri took leave of them with the thought of winning the scudetto..

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