Franco Baresi: Intrigue died

Franco Baresi: Intrigue diedFour rounds before the end of the championship intrigue around champion title can be considered completely dead: the advantage to eight points Juventus certainly not squander. And all formalities that may be settled in the nearest Saturday, when will be the 31st round.Deprived of the pleasure to watch the fight for the gold at the finish of the championship, fix your eyes on the interesting events that occur on the lower floors of Calcio. "Florence viola", founded on the site of the late Fiorentina, now attracts the attention of professionals and fans. This past weekend she early has secured their place in the fourth division in the third, setting a lot of records.The first of these took place in the beginning of the season when "viola" sold 16 648 season tickets for their home games, which earlier in the series didn't happen. And if you take all the clubs in Italy, only seven of them have been sold for this season more - Milan, inter, Juventus, Roma, Lazio", "Regina" and "Bologna".30-year-old goalkeeper "viola" Andrea Ivan broke the record for "dry" series for lower divisions, mounted in the season 93/94 Francesco Toldo (708 min). Ivan did not miss 754 minutes in a row.The best scorer of the Florentines Rigano (28 goals) repeated seasonal achievement for series C. And in the "Fiorentina" no one so much not scored in its history.The records division also 10 wins "viola" on the road (and five in a row) and 37 points scored in the hotel. During the season the team had a series of 8 wins in a row is a repeat of the club's achievements Fiorentina relating to the season-59/60. Personal record this for coach Alberto Cavasin, who had won only seven games in a row.But Vittorio Cerri Gori, former master of the "Fiorentina", which he brought to the handle, are exempt from once a week to visit one of the Roman commissioners. The sanction he had been in communication with house arrest on November 19 last year. The President of the now defunct club never has violated the orders of the Tribunal, therefore, for good conduct was exempt from execution..

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